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We immortalize your love forever

Immortalise your wedding with an experienced videographer

High-end wedding videographers in Paris, Laurent Pasquier and his team, offer a high-quality service combining naturalness, charm and elegance to enhance this unique day. We film with authenticity, while adding a cinematic and emotional dimension through image, editing, and music, to create a customised wedding video that reflects you.

Recognised for our experience and know-how in the world of wedding films, we have won the ZIWA 2020 and 2022 awards as Best Wedding Videographer of the Year. We have also worked for many years with one of the world’s best wedding photographers, elected by the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). We put our high standards and cinematographic experience at your service.

Every moment counts, every detail counts.

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life. It’s a day filled with emotion, joy, tears and love. But such a busy day can seem to pass in an instant. That’s why we’re here to capture the most precious and moving moments of your wedding and render them as if you were rediscovering them.

Our aim is to create a film that captures the true essence of your love, highlighting your unique personality. Thanks to our experience, we’ll capture all the special moments, big and small, so you can relive them for as long as you like.

Every detail is important to us, from the wedding dress to the reception hall decorations, and from fleeting moments of emotion to smiles and loving glances. With us, your wedding day will be captured in all its splendour, so that you can revisit it with emotion, whenever you wish.

A professional wedding videographer for authentic memories

As wedding videographers, Laurent Pasquier and his team are convinced that discretion is essential for capturing authentic, heartfelt memories. Our approach is to blend into the background to capture every moment naturally. With our years of experience in the field, we are discreet, yet responsive to capture every moment, from a bride’s shy smile to the emotional embrace of a newlywed couple. Our commitment is to create a film that will immerse you in the emotion of your day, capturing spontaneous moments and details you might otherwise have missed

When you call on our services as top-of-the-range wedding videographers, experienced and recognized for the quality of our work, you can be sure of having someone you can trust who will capture every moment of your day and sublimate them into a film that reflects you, and that you’ll be able to watch forever.


In our films, we assemble images in a rhythmic, dynamic way by editing them to music. Our approach combines cinematic shots with a carefully chosen soundtrack to create a film that reflects the emotion and dynamics of your day. The most beautiful images are selected and assembled to bring every moment of your day to life, creating a film that will immerse you in the atmosphere of your wedding and make you feel as if you’re reliving it all over again, but with fresh eyes. We use music to enhance the most moving moments of your day, using music that reflects your personality and your love. With our experience in video editing and our ability to select the right music for each moment, we can create a wedding film that faithfully reflects your day and lets you relive every moment intensely.

Personalised support



Information request with wedding date to know our availability



Contact by phone where I ask you a few questions to find out your needs, and explain my approach and what I propose.


Estimate creation

Based on your requirements, I will send you a personalised quotation by email, including details and rates.


Signature and deposit

Once the quote has been accepted, you sign the contract and make an initial deposit of 50% of the payment by bank transfer. The remaining 50% is paid on the day.



Face-to-face or video meeting 1 month before D-day to get to know each other, review the day's schedule and provide you with the latest information.



Filming of the wedding day



2 months maximum after the wedding. Your films are delivered on private download links


We offer a variety of services at different prices, and can also customise them to suit your wishes.

Classic Package

  • Video Report : 8H
  • 2 HD Films
  • 3 min teaser + 10/15 min film

Style Package

  • Video Report : 10H
  • 2 HD Films
  • 3 min teaser + 15/20 min film

Prestige Package

  • Video report : 12H
  • 2 HD Films
  • Drone
  • 3 min teaser + 20/30 min film

Our options


  • To have a film with all the raw images of the day


  • For images seen from the sky

Livre d'Or

  • Video testimonials from a list of friends and family (approx. 10), with all speeches filmed in full.

Immortalise the happiest day of your life.

An unforgettable memory

Memories can fade with time. That’s why it’s essential to capture every moment to immortalise them. With an experienced wedding videographer, you can relive every moment of your wedding day. From the preparations to the dance, the cocktail party and the ceremony, we’ll be there to capture every moment.

Discover your wedding in a different way.

Seeing your wedding from another angle can be an incredible experience. Our discretion allows us to blend into the scenery, and our seasoned eye to capture spontaneous moments, as well as details you might otherwise have missed. What’s more, our dynamic editing style will let you discover your wedding in a whole new way.

Share the moment with your future children

A wedding film is an heirloom that you can pass on to your future children and even your grandchildren. It’s a precious memory that can be shared with your family for generations to come. Imagine yourself, 20 years from now, sitting down with your children and family to watch your wedding film. You’ll be able to relive every moment of that magical day with your loved ones, and relive those emotions as if you were there.

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