Video initiation workshop

Learn the basics of writing and directing films.

As a scriptwriter, director, cameraman and editor, our instructor Laurent Pasquier offers introductory video workshops in Paris and Marseille that will enable participants to acquire the essential basics of writing and directing films in order to create a short fiction film. Our aim is to pass on our passion and experience of cinema and the audiovisual world by offering educational, interactive, and enriching workshops aimed at children, teenagers and even adults who are new to the industry.

During these workshops, participants will discover the different stages involved in creating a film, from writing the script to directing, capturing images, and editing. Our instructor will provide you with essential knowledge (history of cinema, scriptwriting, presentation of different positions in a team) and place you in situations (directing, framing, acting) to create your own films.

We adapt to the age and level of each group, whether for schools, associations, cultural centres, or any other structure. Our experienced facilitator accompanies participants throughout the workshop, stimulating imagination, critical thinking, and creativity. Our aim is to give tools to the participants to analyse and create images, whilst encouraging individual expression and teamwork to produce a short fiction film in collaboration with all the participants.

Making a music video, dance video or documentary.

In addition to short fiction films, we also offer video workshops on making music videos, dance videos and short documentaries. For aspiring singers, rappers or dancers, or for those who want to deal with a real-life subject, we can offer varied or interdisciplinary video workshops to make the most of the desires and talents of each participant. 

Whether it’s writing a song or rap lyrics, recording a track and putting it into a video, choreographing a dance routine, or immersing yourself in a real-life topic by filming it and interviewing its main characters, the idea remains the same: to stimulate creativity, narrate a story and convey it through images, expressing yourself through a collaborative project.


Discover cinema and make your own short film with

I film your dream

Years of experience

With years of experience as scriptwriters, directors, cameramen, editors, and workshop leaders, we love to share our knowledge and experience with young people and newcomers alike. We have already helped many participants to realise their short film, music video, and documentary projects.

Learning and creating

The main aim is to create, learn and experiment while making a short film at the end. We give you the tools you need to bring your stories to life, and we support you throughout the creative process. Our aim is to create an enriching experience.

A unique experience

At our workshops, you'll have the chance to delve into the magical world of cinema. You'll discover the different stages involved in creating a short film, from writing and directing to shooting and editing. We will provide you with professional equipment so that you can bring your ideas to life.

100% satisfied customers

We are delighted to have so many participants who have been delighted with their experience of our video-cinema workshops. We are committed to providing a quality service that stimulates imagination, creativity and personal development.

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