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Documentary filmmaker

Recognised in the world of underground cultures for his original and committed subjects, Laurent Pasquier uses his films to highlight and make accessible alternative cultures, subjects and points of view that are little known to the general public. He is totally committed to each project. He does not hesitate to immerse himself in his chosen world in order to capture the essence of the subject and its authenticity, whilst seeing it through his own unique eyes

From directing and editing to framing and sound recording, Laurent Pasquier and his team of professionals can produce a complete film. His expertise and experience enable him to cover a variety of subjects and themes. His working method is based on immersion in a subject, documentation, writing a structured story through writing, shooting and editing. In making his films, his aim is to question, to arouse emotions, to initiate or to help the public rediscover the subject and the story he is telling in a new light. Laurent Pasquier is passionate about shedding light on worlds that are new to the general public by treating them with a unique perspective. He enjoys making films that fully immerse viewers off the beaten track, to help them discover subjects and make them more accessible by captivating and questioning his audience through the narrative, direction, editing and music


Bass Extase Transmedia Documentary

For 7 years, director Laurent Pasquier traveled across Europe, immersing himself in the culture of bass music and meeting the main players and pioneers of this flourishing culture.

The result of a meeting between Afro-American and Afro-Jamaican cultures, the fusion took place in England in the early 90s and gave rise to numerous genres and sub-genres of electronic music.

The director has produced a 52-minute film on the history of Drum&Bass, the first genre of bass music, short episodes on Dubstep and UK garage, as well as a photo exhibition and numerous events dedicated to bass music.

The documentary has been screened at Le Grand Rex cinema in Paris, in independent cinemas and SMACs in France, and in Colombia with Red Bull Colombia and the Alliance Française de Bogotá. The film is still running and is available on VOD at

Sonic Impact: A History of Drum&Bass

Sonic Impact: a History of Drum&Bass is a documentary about the history of drum&bass, produced by the Bass Extase project, in its 1h20 long version.

From its origins to the present day, we take a look at the history of this multi-faceted music and trace its development through encounters with key figures such as Goldie, Congo Natty, Andy C, Roni Size and many more.

Starting in the underground, we’ll see how this sound has managed to reach the highest echelons, renew itself and spread across Europe and beyond.

The film has been selected for a number of festivals, including the New York Hip-Hop Film Festival, where it won Best Foreign Film in 2021.

The film continues to tour with special screenings and is available on VOD at

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