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Laurent Pasquier – Filmmaker Paris

With experience of many years in the world of cinema, photography, fashion and events, Laurent Pasquier and his team specialize in documentary, wedding and event films. We put our instinct and our talent to capture at best the emotions of the moment by infusing them with a rhythm and an energy that capture reality to its fullest, and give it a share of dreams and magic.

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Director of documentaries, known in the world of “underground” cultures for its original and committed topics, Laurent Pasquier’s ambition is to highlight and make available alternative and unknown cultures to the general public. He gets completely involved in each topic and he does not hesitate to fully immerse himself in the world that he chooses, in order to capture the nature of the subject, its authenticity and the essence of reality


We are videographers of weddings in Paris and we offer a high-quality service that combines naturalness, charm and elegance to film the most beautiful day of your life. We film with authenticity, while inserting an emotional and cinematographic dimension through the work of the frame, edition and music. We won the ZIWA 2020 and 2022 award which rewards the best wedding videographers of the year. We regularly work with the 4th best wedding photographer in the world elected by the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).


Music, concerts, shows, public or private events are one of our strengths. Whether it is to capture a show, create a promotional teaser of an artist, a festival, a company or an institution, or filming a private party, we put at your service our experience, our adaptability and our quality to satisfy your demands.


Photography is the very first medium with which we began to work, due to meticulous work on composition, contrasts and color. We put our talent at your service to create portraits, books, reportages, fashion photos, concerts, or documentaries. Our inspirations: Nick Knight, Depardon, Henri Cartier-Bresson.
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