Our Event Recordings

Whether it is to capture a show, create a promotional teaser of an artist, a festival, a company or an institution, or filming a private party, we put at your service our experience, our adaptability and our quality to satisfy your demands.
“Music, concerts, shows, public or private events are one of our strengths.”
Son of Kick Live
Teaser of the Live concert of Son of Kick, a musician and producer of electronic music, filmed during the Monegros Desert Festival in Spain.
Festival Astropolis
Official Report of the Astropolis Festival, the oldest festival of electronic music in France, which takes place every year in Brest.
Bass Paradize Evening
Teaser of the evening Bass Paradize which promotes the Dubstep and Sound-system culture on the barge of Concorde Atlantique in Paris.
Music Story Show
Teaser of the show “Music Story” which brings together the Transmusical Philharmonic Orchestra and the band of saxophonist Heavy Fingers to create a unique and explosive musical journey.
Gadoue Show
Teaser of the children’s show “Gadoue” for the Jardin des Délices.
By Nathan Israel and Luna Rousseau
Purple Gang
Filming the song “Four o Clock” from the Purple Gang.



Recording of the event/ show/ concert with one camera.

1 HD Movie :

Full event video or promotional video teaser from 1 to 3 min.


Recording of the entire event/ show/ concert with two or three cameras.

2 HD Movies :

Video of the entire event in multicam and promotional video teaser from 2 to 5 min.